Fresh Markets and Vending

Any way that you slice it, snack, coffee, and beverage suppliers sell many of the same brands, sold and brewed by the same equipment. The difference is the depth of the commitment your provider offer’s it’s customers. Whether it’s a different flavor, a special order or a service call, our mission remains the same: to provide a personalized break room experience that benefits your team.

Vending Machines

Today’s vending machines are easy to use, highly efficient, and are extremely convenient and safe. Our machines dispense a wide range of food and beverages so you’d never have to worry about going hungry or getting thirsty during long work hours. Your team will love the wide variety we have to offer. Your machines will offer cash as well as cashless payments including apple and google pay.We provide delicious snack and beverage vending machines AT NO COST TO YOU and no contract is required.

Fresh Markets

Micro-Markets. The new Break Room Experience!

Make your employees healthier and happier by installing Micro Markets to your office. Micro Markets are like a vending machine, except that it offers hundreds of healthy food options, and customers can examine the products before purchasing them.
These revolutionary, open-concept marketplaces are customized to fit your break room perfectly. Micro-markets offer hundreds of choices, including healthier, more nutritious options. Employees love the freedom of browsing and shopping their market to make selections. Upgrade your break room to a micro-market and provide your employees with an exciting new area to relax and refuel!

  • Custom fitted to your location.
  • Significant increase in choices
  • Read labels before you choose.
  • Cashless payments or pay by phone
  • State of the art technology for accurate tracking and replenishment


The perfect new micro-market solution for today’s workplace and today’s employees. A broad selection of beverages, food, and snack products with multiple forms of cashless and mobile payments. All the employees must do is swipe their card, scan their products and they are all finished!

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Health and Wellness Website

To support your employees in making great, healthy choices beyond the office, Horizons has partnered with The Right Choice to provide healthy living tips, recipes, nutritional information, guides, and more. From videos by our staff dietitian, athletic coaches and trainers, and other guest experts, to our monthly newsletters packed with tips and searchable “Home cook’s corner” offering healthier recipes, the site is a great and continuously-growing resource. We invite you to visit the site at