Fresh Water

Everyone is concerned about the quality of the water they drink. Horizons offers a variety of systems and solutions to tackle these issues. From the simplicity of bottled spring water to the cost savings and waste reduction of micro-filtered or reverse-osmosis coolers, we have the options you deserve. We will help you discover the best system to fit your needs by offering a free trial to help with the decision making process.

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Whispering Springs
5 Gallon Bottled Water

The Natural Choice ION is the only choice to provide 8 gallons of cold water per hour, No Reservoir, Sealed Water Pathway for Protection of water against airborne contaminants, along with all the other benefits, including Bluetooth touch-free dispensing.  MADE IN Rockford IL. USA!

The Avalon provides NSF Certification and is Energy Star approved with a self cleaning Ozone function in a touch-free dispenser.

Our Whispering Springs Natural Spring Water is not chemically treated, processed or altered!